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The Service Leadership Workshop

Conducted by Ron Kaufman, the world’s leading authority
on building Uplifting Service Cultures.

Ron reveals the power of the Service Leadership Workshop.
Discover the rapid and dramatic results his clients have achieved.

If you've ever worked inside an Uplifting Service Culture you know there is something distinctly different about the way people go about their work. If you haven't worked in an Uplifting Service Culture, chances are you wish you did. You can see it in the results they achieve, and feel it in the way they approach their customers and colleagues.

What sets these organizations apart? How do they leverage culture to achieve a sustainable advantage? And how can you build an Uplifting Service Culture where you work?

It’s not about personal charisma, brilliant strategy, or better execution. An Uplifting Service Culture creates the space for one of the most powerful motivations to flourish: taking action to create value for someone else.

Program Overview

This information-packed and interactive event will highlight how your organization can increase profitability, capture unclaimed market share, secure higher employee engagement and increase customer loyalty by building an Uplifting Service Culture.

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Key Benefits: Global Insights, Take-home Value

Ron will share current and compelling global success stories including:

  • How an award-winning office and document solutions company captures service mindshare and grows faster than the market.
  • How the world’s largest oil and chemical storage company builds service excellence into an existing culture of safety and operational excellence to exceed customer expectations and increase customer loyalty.
  • How a global telecommunications company builds service partnerships in the industry, recapturing reputation and market share.
  • How the largest national insurance company implements a cultural revolution, transforms customer perceptions and moves from #3 to #1 market position in 18 months.
  • How one of the world's largest IT solutions company drives proactive value-adding service behavior into the organization, dramatically improving customer satisfaction scores in 102 key accounts in 24 months.
  • How you can apply these best-practices and proven architecture to engineer an Uplifting Service Culture in your organization now.

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