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New Blog Post - by Andrea Ihara, SVP Business Development

Seven Steps for Actionable Service Resolutions

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Each year we move forward into a wonderful space of creation for the upcoming year. We also have an opportunity to look back at the past year to make adjustments to improve the quality of service for our customers, vendors, employees, and community.

Each of us can become a change agent to make a difference. Not only can one person create dramatic change, but just one action can. Think about one thing that would surprise and delight your customers (internal or external customer). Just one thing. Something as small as writing “thank you for coming” with your signature on the back of your business card and handing it to each customer as they leave your place of business. Something as small as calling a colleague at home one day after work to let them know how much you appreciated their help during the day. Something as small as sending an email to a vendor to praise them for their good service. The number of these small actions is endless. And anyone can surprise and delight.


Ron Recommends Reading

Maximize Your Memory Power, by Nishant Kasibhatla

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It's hard to give someone else great service if you don’t remember what they want, appreciate, and value. And in the service world today, with more choices than ever before, there's so much more for you to remember. Fortunately, World Record Holder Nishant Kasibhatla has turned this memory challenge into an adventure of new learning, exercises, and satisfying results. You can learn and remember more than you ever imagined…which means serving others with greater accuracy and fewer complaints.

Remember to read and enjoy this book!

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